Project Management


Over the years we’ve found that even the best contract manufacturing knowledge, experience, and resources can be rendered meaningless if there isn’t an effective project management process in place to bring it all together.

From First Inquiry to Finished Product

Our project management process is built around specifications. Through a series of multi-layered verifications, our team of account managers, production specialists, label designers and proofers will work to ensure that each of your product specifications has been met.

Your First Inquiry – Whether by phone or email, we’ll work with you to establish all of the necessary details concerning your supplement’s formulation and production pricing.

Specifications – You’ll receive a specification sheet containing all of the previously established details concerning your product’s packaging, flavoring, and formulation.

Production – After your order has been received and all of your specifications finalized, we can begin the production process. Our production team will continue to work with you to ensure that you receive regular updates and answer to any questions or concerns that you might have.

Your Finished Product – Once your supplement has completed its contract manufacturing journey, our production staff and our warehouse team will work to ensure that any and all of your shipping, Amazon, or fulfillment requirements are met.

From Finished Product to Next Venture

The way we see it, our relationship doesn’t have to end once your product has been finished and shipped. Our team is always here to help. From simple questions to helping you gather the resources for your next dietary supplement product, we’ve got you covered.