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  • Vitamins – missing from food as the result of diets which are high in processed foods.
  • Bioavailable Minerals – low in foods because of commercial farming methods.
  • Antioxidants – low in the Standard American Diet because of poor food choices, and antioxidant needs are now
    higher due to pollution, EMF, stress, and other factors in our modern lifestyle.
  • Enzymes – missing from food as a result of cooking and processing.
  • Probiotic Organisms – depleted in the body by consumption of carbonated beverages, antibiotics, drugs,
    preservatives, stimulants, processed food, and many other substances, as well as life-style factors such as stress.

Each product is created based on three simple, but powerful principles:

  1. Provide maximum nutrient utilization through the use of enzyme delivery and bioavailable micronutrients (known as our M.E.D.S™ system).
  2. Formulated to obey the laws of nature and provide a balance of all the ingredients and nutrients necessary to achieve the designed product purpose.
  3. Backed by patents and research to ensure the product is safe and efficacious.

M.E.D.S.™ (Maximum Enzyme Delivery System), is an exclusive process created to ensure cellular nutrition is achieved. The M.E.D.S. trademark name refers to a combination of ingredients (enzymes and bioavailable micronutrients), which ensure that each of our products are bioavailable, absorbed, and transported to the cells of the body.

Simply giving the body high doses of a nutrient doesn’t indicate how much the body actually retains. No matter how many nutrients you eat, it’s what your body is able to keep and utilize that’s important. We don’t believe in playing the “milligram game.” Instead, we believe in nourishing the body with balanced formulations that provide truly utilizable nutrients, and we have formulated our products accordingly.

Our products contain only whole food ingredients without any chemicals, preservatives or stimulants. You may not notice a dramatic difference immediately, but rather, you may experience a steady increase in health and well-being.

Send product ideas or suggestions in written form to Nutrabrand Labs, ATTN: Research and Development, using information on the Contact Us page of our website.

Send testimonials to Nutrabrand Labs, ATTN: Testimonies, using the information on the Contact Us page of our website.

Yes. The ingredients in Nutrabrand Labs formulations are all considered natural and have GRAS status (Generally Regarded As Safe) with the FDA.

The raw materials in our products are from the highest quality, organically grown sources.

Yes. It is a part of good manufacturing process (GMP) to perform quality checks and also to have in-house tests backed up by independent laboratory analysis. All raw materials used in Nutrabrand Labs products are thoroughly tested prior to use in production to ensure the ingredient meets our strict standards for identity, potency and purity. Additionally, each batch is tested several times on a frequency determined by the batch size.

Many of the studies and research supporting the Nutrabrand Labs formulations and ingredients are available on the website. If you need additional information or assistance please contact Nutrabrand Labs using the information on our Contact Us page of the website.

The FDA only grants approval on substances considered to be drugs. Therefore, the FDA approval process is not applicable to Nutrabrand Labs all-natural products. Nevertheless, every Nutrabrand Labs product is in full compliance with all applicable FDA regulations and all ingredients in Nutrabrand Labs products are in the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) category.

Whenever possible, Nutrabrand Labs uses ingredients from organically grown sources. However, the term organic refers primarily to botanical ingredients and the way in which they are grown. Some ingredients, including the chelated minerals, do not fall into this classification and cannot be certified organic.

Yes. Organic foods generally have more nutritional value and pose less of a threat in terms of hormones, pesticides and chemicals.

Neither propyl alcohol nor benzene are part of any good quality manufacturing process in the natural food industry, and neither is used in any step of Nutrabrand Labs manufacturing processes.

No. Nutrabrand Labs does not use any preservatives. Preservatives are known to interfere with enzyme activity.

The shelf life for our products is two years from the manufactured date.

Only heat affects enzyme activity levels, not direct sunlight itself. However, activity levels of certain vitamins are affected and diminished in sunlight, particularly vitamins C and D. We recommend that any of our formulas that contain herbs or whole food vitamins be kept out of direct sunlight.

The best place is on a shelf where it remains dry and at room-temperature or cooler. It is not necessary to store them in a refrigerator or freezer. However, the products that contain probiotics will maintain a longer shelf-life if stored refrigerated.

The capsule, the protective plastic bottle, and the cartons act as insulation during shipping. The outside temperature would have to be much higher than 118o F to deactivate the enzymes. We have mailed our enzymes in typical mid-summer, 115oF weather to different places in the United States and Canada and tests have shown that the contents are unaffected.

It would be difficult to custom design our products to fit each individual’s sensitivities. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to one of the ingredients, consult your physician prior to using the product(s).

Nutrabrand Labs are all non-toxic and quite helpful in adding the extra nutrition required during pregnancy.

Yes. We suggest it be taken once per day as opposed to twice for adults.

Nutrabrand Labs have been specifically formulated so there would be no conflict between the formulas. Any or all of them may be taken together.

We recommend you follow the dosage instructions indicated on the bottle, or use the product as directed by your physician. The products have been effectively formulated to provide great results at the recommended dosages.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a measure of the overall antioxidant capacity of a food or nutrient.

Although ORAC scores are an important measure of overall antioxidant capacity, it is even more important to look at the polyphenols, anthocyanidins and other specific nutrients that are giving the food or nutrient its high ORAC score. The nutritional benefits of a food are provided by the specific nutrients that make up the food, not its ORAC score.

Nutrabrand Labs are dietary supplements, not drugs. They are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Nutrabrand Labs provide nutritional support of the body and are very helpful in nourishing all of the cells, including skin cells. An especially important consideration is that skin health must be supported by healthy friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. All Nutrabrand Labs, especially Digestive Defense, are highly supportive of health at this level.

Nutrabrand Labs, including Nutrabrand Labs Heart Defense, are dietary supplements, not drugs. They are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition including hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) or heart disease. Nutrabrand Labs Heart Defense is formulated to provide nutritional support for maintaining healthy cholesterol, promoting healthy circulation, and overall cardiovascular health. For more information on Nutrabrand Labs Heart Defense, view the Heart Defense product fact sheet and ingredient information.

Only when taken immediately together. Nutrabrand Labs should be taken at least 30 minutes before or after drinking coffee.

Enzymes are energized protein molecules, which have been termed the “life force” of body chemistry. They catalyze and regulate every biochemical reaction within the human body, including energy production, metabolism, respiration, nerve function, reproduction, immunity and digestion. Simply put, without enzymes, life would not exist. Individuals who are enzyme deficient are subject to disease and degeneration.

No. There are thousands of different enzymes that regulate bodily functions. Enzymes have been grouped into three categories: metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and food enzymes. Metabolic enzymes work within the cells to regulate such activity as detoxification and energy production. Digestive enzymes break foods down and make them available for use in the body. Food enzymes are those that are naturally present in raw foods and which perform the first stage in the breakdown of that food.

Yes, but only if that food is not cooked or processed. Modern food processing destroys nearly all of the naturally-occurring enzymes in food. With the prevalence of cooked and processed foods, the average American diet is essentially devoid of food enzymes. We recommend that you eat as many raw foods as possible, but even then, the raw foods contain only enough enzymes to digest that food. We know that most modern foods, particularly meat, are cooked and processed. Nutritional enzyme supplements are an effective way to assist the digestive process and relieve the stress placed on your body.

If you eat foods that are cooked or processed, you need enzymes.

No. You cannot ingest too many enzymes when taking our formulations. Enzymes are only active in the presence of their substrate. That is, if they don’t have correct nutritional substrates to work on, they are simply used by the body as a high quality nutritional protein.

No. Our supplier produces enzymes specifically for use with foods. Other enzyme supplements on the market may utilize enzymes, which are intended for making cheese, removing stains, or some other industrial or processing use. Not only do we use the highest quality enzymes available, Nutrabrand Labs has carefully studied each enzyme to discover what it needs to be fully active and then has included those co-factors to ensure maximum enzyme activity in these exclusive formulations.

We always suggest and promote a healthy diet. However, our enzyme formulas are meant to increase the breakdown of all foods so the body can most efficiently handle all nutrients consumed.

There is no research or evidence indicating that Nutrabrand Labs enzymes are destroyed by stomach acid. To the contrary, our enzymes are designed to work well in the environment of the stomach.

Enzymes are produced by fermentation, using organic whole rice flour as a nutrient. After fermentation, the enzymes, in liquid form, are separated completely from all organisms and nutrients by microfiltration. This is repeated several times, and finally the enzymes are freeze dried to produce a powerful enzyme powder, which is used in our products.

The production of plant-based enzymes consists of making a cell culture fermentation using organic whole grain rice as a nutrient base. The fermentation process produces a rich broth containing enzymes. This broth is filtered five to six times. The result is a very pure protein solution, which is rich in enzymes. This solution is then freeze dried to produce a stable, concentrated enzyme powder.

Yes, plant-based enzymes are more effective than other proteolytic enzymes for several reasons. First, microbial plant enzymes have a broader pH activity range, which means they can help digest foods and remain active throughout the varying pH ranges of the intestinal tract. Second, they are also not as specific, which means they can break down more types of protein. For example, the protease from a plant-based source will address a lot more protein bonds than the other proteolytic enzymes. Third, they have no side effects, whereas animal enzymes may have possible side effects. For example, supplying animal enzymes could reduce the body’s ability to create its own enzymes. Pure plant and microbial enzymes, on the other hand, do not interfere with the natural functioning of the body and therefore have no side effects.

Animal enzymes, which are included in many formulations, are less effective and have a possible adverse side effect. Supplying animal enzymes could reduce the body’s ability to create its own enzymes, whereas pure plant enzymes do not interfere with the natural functioning of the body.

Peptidase is a specific type of protease, which continues protein digestion past the initial phase of the digestive process. All Nutrabrand Labs formulations that contain protease also have peptidase.

Probiotics (or flora) are the good friendly bacteria that support health and immunity. Your body is supposed to have about three pounds of good, friendly bacteria lining the digestive tract. Unfortunately, stress, medication, and lifestyle factors can destroy these friendly bacteria and disrupt the balance of flora in the digestive tract. Probiotics in foods and supplements are needed to replenish and rebalance the flora in the digestive tract.

Bacteria that have been shown in research studies to provide a health benefit are considered probiotics.

Probiotics used by Nutrabrand Labs are in a unique stabilized form so that they are not killed by the heat and/or acidity of the GI tract. Most products including yogurts have 1 or 2 separate probiotics. Nutrabrand Labs has 13 different stabilized species of probiotics which make it much more complete.

Prebiotics are nutrients and foods that have been shown to promote the growth and colonization of probiotics in the digestive tract.

Minerals are natural elements which are not of animal or vegetable origin. They are essential to the functioning of the body’s systems, particularly the hormone system and the immune system. Minerals also play a vital role in enzyme reactions and in the production of blood, vitamins, and energy.

Enzymes cannot work unless minerals are present, and both must be present to make possible almost every reaction that happens in the body. Breathing, muscle contractions, the heart beating, the brain thinking – all are dependent upon minerals.

“Bioavailability” is the degree to which a nutrient is utilized at the cellular level. While some supplements have a high mineral content, those minerals are not “chelated” and so are not available for use at the cellular level. We use only Albion amino acid chelated minerals, which are shown in research to have the highest degree of bioavailability.

Minerals occurring in foods are always bound to another molecular group. In our products, the minerals are bound to amino acids. Our label provides a complete description of the mineral complex. We give the amount of the mineral only as “elemental.” We specify the amount of the mineral plus amino acids as the “actual” content.

The term “chelation”, which comes from the Greek word “claw,” refers to the process of binding a mineral to another substance in order to facilitate absorption and ensure that the mineral can be used by the cells. This enables that mineral to be absorbed through the gut wall. Nutrabrand Labs uses only amino acid chelated minerals from the only company which holds a patent on that process, Albion Laboratories. Other mineral supplements on the market claim to include chelated minerals, but often use admixtures and not true amino acid chelates.

Chelazome is a trademark name of Albion Laboratories for a mineral which has two amino acid molecules attached to it. Chelavite is the trademark name for a mineral with one or more vitamin-like molecules attached to it. For example, Chromium Chelavite has one amino acid and two niacin molecules attached to it.

Yes, anything can be chelated. Albion Laboratories holds numerous patents on chelating other substances as well as minerals.

There is no research on the benefit of colloidal minerals in human nutrition. Mineral absorption from foods or supplements involves a complex sequence of bio-chemical events. There is no evidence that such events occur with colloidal minerals.

Yes. Two excellent references are “Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions and Chelates,” Charles C. Thomas: Springfield (1985); and “The Roles of Amino Acid Chelates in Animal Nutrition,” Noyes Publications Park Ridge: NJ (1993). Both of these books were written by Dr. Harvey Ashmead.

Lactose intolerance is due to an inability to digest the milk-sugar lactose because of a deficiency in the enzyme lactase. Digestive Defense contains lactase combined with the other enzymes needed for proper digestion. Many individuals who have lactose intolerance find that their symptoms become minimal or absent after a short time on Nutrabrand Labs Digestive Defense. Digestive Defense is formulated with careful attention to enzyme completeness and balance, and to be helpful in any food intolerance.

SOD stands for Super Oxide Dismutase. It is the powerful antioxidant enzyme produced by the body. Studies show that SOD levels within the body decrease with age and in conditions of chronic inflammation. Providing the nutrient building blocks has been shown to increase the body’s ability to make SOD within the cells of the body.

BioCore® Lipo is a proprietary combination of highly concentrated lipases that are especially resistant to stomach acid and active in a wide pH range. Because they are active in a wide pH range, they are active in both the stomach and the small intestine providing greater digestion of fats.

Biocore® Pro is a proprietary combination of specially selected proteases that are active throughout the gastrointestinal tract and can completely break down proteins in conjunction with the body’s own enzymes. It is formulated with HUT, SAP, PC as well as aminopeptidase activity to ensure the proper breakdown of different sources of protein. Biocore® Pro is designed to optimize protein digestion.

VitaVeggie is a standardized, proprietary blend of vegetable powders and extracts. Specifically, it is standardized to sulforaphane, a compound commonly found in cruciferous vegetables. Unlike fruit polyphenols, sulforophane fights free radicals by activating Phase II enzymes, the natural defense system of the body. VitaVeggie combines the nutritious benefits of broccoli, broccoli sprouts, tomatoes, spinach, kale, carrots, brussels sprouts and onion.

VitaBerry is a powerful antioxidant blend of whole fruit powders and extracts, and guarantees at least 30% polyphenols. VitaBerry combines the nutritious, active benefits of wild blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, prune, cherry, wild bilberry and grape, plus the benefits of resveratrol.

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