Digestive Defense®

60 Count - Digestive Enzymes, 15 Strains of Probiotics and Prebiotics, Herbs

Proper digestion is required for a healthy digestive tract, strong immune system, and optimizing energy levels. Digestive Defense supplies a superior blend of natural enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, and herbs that are essential for healthy digestion, and increased absorption of nutrients from food. Digestive Defense includes M.E.D.S.™, a proprietary Mineral and Enzyme blend formulated to deliver maximum results.*

Key Benefits:

  • Aids digestion and elimination.
  • Soothes and calms the stomach and digestive tract.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Increases the utilization of protein and other nutrients for building muscle.
  • Increases the nutritional value of foods by assuring nutrients from food are absorbed by the body.
  • Helps maintain healthy functioning of the intestinal tract.
  • Promotes longevity.
  • Promotes normal tone in the digestive tract.


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More and more people are finding that digestive defense is important.

In fact, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), nearly 70 million Americans are afflicted with digestive problems. Proper digestion is not only important for healthy digestive tract but is also key to a properly functioning immune system, maximizing your energy levels, and getting the most out of each meal.

Scientists and health professionals now know that probiotics (flora) and enzymes are crucial to supporting proper digestion, improving immunity, and promoting overall health and vitality.

Enzyme Blend

NutraBrand Labs's digestive enzyme blend includes high levels of proteases from a proprietary blend specially designed to maximize the utilization of protein, and a concentrated blend of various lipases to maximize the digestion and utilization of fats for energy. This unique blend of enzymes not only supports healthy digestion, but also promotes full utilization of the nutrients in the foods you eat to maximize your energy levels and help you get the most out of each meal.

What is it?

Enzyme found in the saliva and pancreas

What’s It Do?

Initiates the breakdown of starches and sugar. †

What is it?

Naturally occurring digestive enzyme

What’s It Do?

Initiates the breakdown of proteins into smaller polypeptides or single amino acids. †

What is it?

Enzyme essential in completing the digestion of whole milk.

What’s It Do?

Breaks down lactose, a sugar found in most dairy products. †

What is it?

Unique combination of cellulose, xylanase B, glucosidase, pectinase, and phytase.

What’s It Do?

Improves the digestibility of a broad range of foods (dairy in particular). †

Probiotic Blend

Probiotics are essential for a healthy digestive system and a strong immune system. NutraBrand Labs's probiotic blend provides more than 2.5 billion CFU of live, active probiotics from 13 different species. These species are specifically selected according to their known health benefits and are stabilized to ensure maximum viability.

What is it?

Bifidobacterium (Bifidum, Lactis, Longum) is a family of healthy bacteria that normally lives in the intestines and oral cavity.

What’s It Do?

Shown to treat diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and prevent the common cold or flu. †

What is it?

Lactobacillus (Reuteri, Brevis, Bulgaricus, Rhamnosus, Casei, Salivarius, Plantarum, Acidophilus) is a family of healthy bacteria that normally live in the digestive and urinary systems.

What’s It Do?

Shown to help the breakdown of food, absorption of nutrients and prevention of infections in the gastrointestinal tract. †

What is it?

Type of healthy probiotic bacteria that normally lives in the digestive and urinary systems.

What’s It Do?

Improve lactose digestion, IBS symptoms, enhanced immunity, prevent/fight upper respiratory infections, increase HDL, increase anti-tumor activity. †

What is it?

Powerful spore-forming, shelf-stable probiotic.

What’s It Do?

Promotes recovery from diarrhea & constipation. †

Prebiotic & Herbal Blend

NutraBrand Labs's prebiotic and herbal support blend takes the prebiotic benefits of inulin a step further by combining them with a patented stabilized form of glutamine (magnesium glycyl glutamine) and the naturally soothing benefits of ginger, peppermint, beetroot, and chamomile. This unique combination addresses all aspects of a healthy intestinal tract.

What is it?

Form of microflora in the large intestine, increasing the overall gastrointestinal tract health.

What’s It Do?

When paired with inulin, shown to promote calcium absorption in the gut and has been used as a supplement to treat yeast infections. †

What is it?

Flowering tropical plant that grows in China, India, Africa, the Caribbean, and other warm climates.

What’s It Do?

Shown to aid digestion, reduce nausea, reduce swelling, lower blood sugar, and cholesterol prevent blood clotting and protect against Alzheimer's. †

What is it?

Leaf indigenous to Europe and the Middle East.

What’s It Do?

Shown to reduce IBS and indigestion. †

What is it?

Root originally domesticated in the ancient Middle East.

What’s It Do?

Shown to increase blood flow, improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure, and levels of triglycerides in the blood. †

What is it?

Flower originating in ancient Egypt as a cure for fever.

What’s It Do?

Shown to relieve stress, anxiety, upset stomach, diarrhea, cold and flu symptoms. †

Real • Alkalizing • Wholefoods

Digestive Defense Bundles

Get the most out of Digestive Defense. We recommend the following products to support overall well-being.

Digestive Correction

With over 100 million American suffering from digestion issues, it is time to have a gut intervention! Digestion imbalances are not only limited to the typical bloating, constipation, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn/acid reflux but also, allergies, arthritis, auto immune disorders, chronic fatigue, acne and more.
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Immune Defense+

In today’s fast-paced, fast-food world, few of us eat right every day which ultimately causes our health to decline over time. Although taking a high-quality vitamin/mineral supplement can act as a nutritional policy to ensure we are getting proper nutrition where our diets may be lacking, our bodies require even more today to truly thrive.
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Alkaline Defense+

Cleanse, replenish, and alkalize your internal eco-system! It is estimated that the human body can hold 5-25 pounds of built up fecal matter which is evident by an inflamed protruding belly.The pH Defense Bundle combines multiple products that allow for the digestion of lingering food particles that adhere to the intestinal wall and colon which bacteria and yeast thrive on.
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Exclusive proprietary formula.

Unlocks each nutrient’s potential.

Follows the harmony of natural organic foods.

Ensures maximum absorption of each nutrient.

Guarantees absorption on the cellular level.

Facts & Use

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily with meals or more as needed. Suitable for all ages.